ios – using multiple NFCReaderSessions?

I am trying to integrate a new NFC product into a current application. The Application currently uses the NFCNDEFReaderSession to read the NDEF tag. We are introducing a new product which has NDEF, but is also ISO ISO15693 (NFCTagReaderSession). I know i can’t have both sessions open at the same time… which is making my workflow challenging.

What I was hoping to do was to be able to keep the NDEF read first so i could detect the legacy product. Meaning I would read the NDEF tag (which is my legacy and new product) to determine which i am talking to. If I am talking to the new product, I would then start issuing commands via the NFCTagReaderSession. I can have both sessions, so now i am lost. Can I get NDEF tags using the NFCTagReaderSession?

Anyone know if what I am trying to do it possible or what an alternative approach might be?

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